Do you love to play with your Android phone? Do you love using apps & playing games on your android device? If yes, then one thing that must have frustrated you while playing any app or game is the in-app purchases. The apps & games come with locked levels, tools, coins, characters and other resources that need to be unlocked to fully enjoy the app/game. To fix this issue, today we have decided to share an app called as Lucky Patcher for your smartphones, using which you can enjoy any app or game without any interruptions.

A number of games and applications are becoming popular among the Android users. This is the reason why the game and app developers keep on launching new games and apps every now and then. These developers want to earn huge money and for this, they develop their apps & games in such a way that most of the resources are locked. In most of the games, these can be unlocked either by collecting coins and gems by completing various missions or through in-app purchases. If you’ll try to accumulate coins and gems and then aim to unlock the resources, then this process would take months of hard work. So, you are left with the second option of making in-app purchases. Most of us would consider it as a bad idea to spend our hard-earned money in purchasing the game resources. Lucky Patcher Apk comes as a boon in such situations.

App NameLucky PatcherVersion8.3.1DeveloperTechylistSupported OnAndroid 2.3+Avg Rating4.8Last Updated23 April 2019

 (18,526 Votes, Average: 4.78/5)

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What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a must-have hacking app for all the crazy gamers. This app helps in modifying most of the android games so that the games can be enjoyed to the fullest. It also lets us modify various applications in many ways. Lucky Patcher is an amazing tool which allows you to block advertisements, remove system apps, modify system apps, bypass license verification, modify app permissions, and much more. Though Lucky Patcher requires root access, you can perform several tasks even without rooting your device. However, to enjoy all the features of this cracking tool, you’ll have to root your device. The Android device can be rooted by using multiple ways. You can check out methods to root your Android phone on XDA-Developers Forum.

These days, most of the Android users look to modify games, but they find it difficult because there are too many steps involved in modding games/apps. Conversely, Lucky Patcher is a hassle-free tool which requires just a few steps to MOD any game or to modify its permissions. You can root any game using Lucky Patcher including- Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Rail Rush, Highway Rider and much more. Lucky Patcher has been programmed in such a way that it bypasses credit checking system of Google play. In this way, you can easily perform in-app purchases of any game without actually spending your money.

Apart from modifying the app, you can also remove ads from your installed applications & games and enjoy them without any interruptions. This tool works well on rooted devices having an Android version of 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above. It occupies very less memory and comes with a size of 6.5 MB. The best part of the app is that it is available in multiple languages. There are premium versions of many applications and you can enjoy all of these for free using Lucky Patcher. Google detects Lucky Patcher as a virus but it is not a malicious application. Though it is a modding tool, it is very much safe for any device.

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Features of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is an amazing tool that lets crazy gamers to enjoy any game with unlimited resources. This app is updated regularly to support most of the android devices. The features of this app are:

It removes ads

Most of us get irritated due to irrelevant ads that pop up every time we are playing any game or accessing any app. Many times, these ads even interrupt our gameplay. You don’t need to worry anymore as you can easily remove the unwanted and irrelevant ads with the help of Lucky Patcher. It just takes few clicks to free yourself from unnecessary ads. Removing ads also enhances your gaming experience.

It helps in getting access to unlimited coins, gems, and other game resources

This incredible tool helps you to unlock unlimited coins, keys and other resources of any game. You can play any level, use any character, weapon, car or game resource easily by modifying your app using Lucky Patcher.

It helps in accessing paid app for free

Many times, we download paid apps for free using the web but we are unable to launch them due to the issue of license verification. Lucky Patcher comes with custom patches that can bypass the verification process of almost any application. So, it lets you enjoy even the paid apps for free.

It can convert any app to system app

If you want to keep any application permanently on your Android phone, then you can convert it into system app using Lucky Patcher. It allows you to copy any app to the system’s folder so that it is converted to a pre-installed app.

It helps in moving apps to the memory card

If the internal memory of your smartphone is almost full, then you can release some memory by moving heavy applications to the memory card. This can easily be achieved with the help of Lucky Patcher.

It helps in making in-app purchases

Lucky Patcher bypasses Google’s billing system. In this way, it lets you purchase paid apps and make in-app purchases for free.

It helps to backup important files

You can easily backup your important files using Lucky Patcher. Its ‘take backup feature’ lets you save the backup of the app in the external file. This can then be imported to the cloud or to your PC. Later on, you can easily retrieve the data from the saved locations.

Minimum requirements to install Lucky Patcher:

Prior to installing the apk file, make sure that your device meets the system requirements. The app will function optimally only if these conditions are met. The requirements to install Lucky Patcher are as follows:

  • Since it is a modding tool, it would require the android device to be rooted prior to installing the tool.
  • It works on smartphones with an Android version of 2.3.3(Gingerbread) and above. It is also compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10
  • It requires RAM of at least 2GB to function properly
  • Free internal storage of 10 GB is required by the app to function optimally

Additionally, this app also requires some permission from your Android device. These are as follows:

  • Permission to draw over other apps and to modify system settings
  • Permission to read the contents of the memory card
  • Permission to modify or delete the contents of the SD card
  • Permission to approximate location

How to Download & Install Lucky Patcher Apk File:

Update:- We are providing Lucky Patcher official installer now as many users were not able to install Lucky Patcher apk in their smartphone. This installer will install official version of Lucky Patcher app in few clicks.

This remarkable hacking tool allows you to bypass in-app purchases and remove ads so that you can seamlessly enjoy the games and applications. Since it is a hacking tool, it is not available in Google Play but you can download its apk file from our website. The file is small in size and the process to download as well as to install it is simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you’ll have to download Lucky Patcher apk file. You can download its apk file from our website. (Click on below download button to download Lucky Patcher original APK file).

Download Apk

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Step 2: Before installing the APK file of Lucky patcher installer, make sure that you enable Unknown sources from settings. This step involves changing the phone’s setting to enable the installation of APK files. For this, go to the settings and then to ‘Lock screen and security’ option. Once you’ve found the option, click on it. Then, look for the option of ‘unknown sources’ and swipe towards the right to enable the installation.

Step 3: Now, open the apk file of Lucky Patcher Installer which you have downloaded. To locate the file, you’ll have to either go to file manager or look in the downloads list. Then, go to file manager, and search for ‘Lucky Patcher apk’.

Step 4: After locating the Lucky Patcher apk installer file, open it and click on ‘Install’. Soon, you’ll find that the installation has begun. Once, Lucky Patcher installer is installed in your Android phone, open it and give all required permissions.

Step 5: Click on Yes.

Step 6: Now, you will get a popup related to security. Click on Settings & then enable “Allow from this source”. After enabling it, go back.

Step 7: Now you will get an option to install the official version of Lucky Patcher app. Just click on Install and wait for few seconds.

Step 8: You will get a warning in the pop up now – “Blocked by Play Protect“. Don’t worry about this error, this error is shown by Play Store for obvious reasons as this app will help you in doing free in-app purchases and do other things which of-course Google doesn’t want you to do.

Now click on down arrow (take below screenshot for reference).

Now, you will get an option of Install anyway. Just click on that button. (Take below screenshot for reference).

Wait for the installation process to complete. It might take few seconds. Thereafter, you’ll find the ‘installed’ status being reflected on the screen. Now, you are all set to enjoy premium apps and unlimited gaming.

How to fix App Not Installed error while installing Lucky Patcher:

Many users were reporting this error, so we decided to update this guide with more details on this error. If you are getting this error, then follow below steps to successfully install this app.

  1. First of all, Open Google Play Store. Tap on  button. Scroll down and look for Play Protect.
  2. Disable “Scan device for security threats”.
  3. You will get a warning. Ignore that and click on OK.

Try to install Lucky Patcher apk file again. Congrats! You have successfully fixed “App Not Installed” error of Lucky Patcher.

How to do in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher:

It is a very easy process to bypass in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Lucky Patcher in your rooted device and go to the toolbox. You may find toolbox option towards the bottom of the screen. On the toolbox menu, tap on ‘patch to android’.

Step 2: Next, you’ll have to select all the displayed patches. After that, you’ll have to wait for sometime for your device to reboot.

Step 3: Now, close the Lucky Patcher app and leave it in the background. Next, go to the app or game that you wish to MOD.

Step 4: Browse to the shopping menu. Look for the in-app purchase that you wish to make and tap on it. Next, tap on the buy button or anything similar to it.

Step 5: Soon after clicking on the buy option, you’ll find Lucky Patcher’s window. Here you’ll see a message- ‘Do you want to get this item for free?’

Step 6: Now tap on ‘Yes’ to make that purchase for free. In this way, you can easily make all in-app purchases for free.

Lucky Patcher No Root Version – Available or not?

No, there is no lucky patcher no root version. Though, you can install this same apk file on non rooted device but you will be able to use very limited features of this app.

Lucky Patcher is a advanced tool that requires root access, so if you are using a no root version, then you may enjoy only some of the features on your smartphones. But, if you wish to enjoy all the features of this patching app, then you should use a rooted device and install the version that requires root access.

Final Words

Several engaging applications and interesting games are becoming popular day-by-day. The only problem that most of the android users face is that the applications and games come with in-app purchases. In order to enjoy all the features of any app or to unlock game resources, the users have to spend their hard-earned money. Thus, they look for different tools and methods to hack the apps. However, hacking is not an easy thing. It is a difficult task to hack any app as there are several complicated steps involved in it. Fortunately, Lucky Patcher is available.

It is a hacking tool that can patch any game or app and bypass its billing system. Moreover, the task of hacking is completed in few simple steps. Apart from hacking the billing system, this useful app also helps in removing unnecessary ads for the apps. It is also used to remove unnecessary permissions, system files, and Google’s license verification. I hope you liked our Lucky Patcher in-depth guide.

This cracking tool works on almost all android devices starting from Android 2.3.3. The only requirement that this app demand is the root access. You need to root your device before installing the app so that it can function properly. However, you can also use this app in non-rooted devices. Some features of Lucky Patcher can also be enjoyed in the non-rooted devices. Overall, it is a must-have app for all those people who wish to enjoy uninterrupted gaming and access to premium apps.

Every droid user uses 100s of apps & games on his smartphone, but they don’t have control over the apps they install. Yes, its true as users can’t control app ads and permissions. Also in app purchases in apps annoys the user a lot which is now common in most of the apps. So there is an app called lucky patcher which is not other than a boon for Android users. LP can give you the full control over your installed apps and games. It is a fantastic tool for Android using which the users can do many crazy experiments with their installed applications. Have you ever thought of getting premium stuff in your apps for free ? If yes this app can help you to do so free of cost. In this article, you can download latest version lucky patcher apk & learn how to use it !

Download GBWhatsApp Mod For Android !

We install many apps & games, but most of them can contain annoying ads, have wrong permissions or may not pass the license verification. If you are familiar with these type of problems & issues, then the lucky patcher app for Android can perform as a helping tool for you. You can now easily overcome these errors using it quickly as it can perform such tasks within seconds. This app can also make free in-app purchases in most of the Android apps & games which is its most impressive feature. You will be able to control your apps to their fullest as you will have access to remove google ads, bypass license verification, change permissions, patch & a lot more you can do. You can download the latest lucky patcher app from the download link below :

Lucky Patcher Apk Download For Android

Lucky Patcher Apk Download Latest Version

NAMELUCKY PATCHERSize8 MBVersion8.3.2DeveloperChelpusRootYes | NoCategoryToolsDownloads100 Million +SupportsAndroid 4.0 +UpdatedApril 2019


Lucky Patcher Official App For Android (Features)

Lucky Patcher is a must-have tool application for Android which can manage all your installed apps and games at one place. The LP app gives you full control over your installed applications and games. You can now remove google or other ads, change app permissions, bypass license verification, make free in-app purchases, custom patch and do many more experiments with your apps and games. It requires a device with root privileges to perform tasks like move apps to sd card and convert app to system app. You can use it on non rooted devices but the only difference is that you have to reinstall the app after modifying. So here is the list of top features of the ultimate lucky patcher app :

Manage Permissions

Some apps & games we install on our smartphone ask permissions which are not required by the app to perform. We should not install such apps which ask or require unwanted permissions. But if you are badly in need of that app, then you can remove suspicious permissions required by it. This will help you to protect your privacy & stop the apps from stealing your data like contacts & storage.

Remove Ads

Nowadays ads is the most annoying thing which we face while using an app or playing a game. Some apps have a good behaviour of ads which is okay, but most of the developers spam these days which becomes out of control. So if you are also fed up from these annoying ads, then this app is going to make you happy. You can easily remove google & all other platform ads from your apps & games with the help of the ultimate LP app.

Custom Patches

You get a list of custom patches for many apps & games like link2sd, app cloner, temple run, subway surfers, mini militia and much more. These custom patches come with unlocked resources like gems, coins, diamonds, boost ups, etc. You can use these patches to patch your apps or game to unlock their resources free of cost. Note not all apps support LP custom patches as they are developed only for crackable apps mostly offline ones.

Free In-App Purchases

The most noteworthy feature of this application is making free in-app purchases. It is also the most used feature and the main reason behind millions of download & installs of the LP app. You can make free purchases of premium stuff in your apps or games with the help of this feature. Next time you don’t need to spend money on most of your apps when making purchases as lucky patcher can help you to get it for free. This feature does not work for highly secured apps & games, but still, it can save your money in many situations.

Bypass License Verification

Sometimes we download apps and games from third-party websites, but we get license verification error while running them or on their first start. It happens whenever we install an app outside from the google play store or while installing any paid lucky patcher apk application for free. In this case, you can use the LP app to patch the app to bypass license verification. Then you can easily use all the paid application for free without any license verification error.

Move Apps To SD Card

All the applications we install gets installed on the device internal storage by default. But sometimes our device gets out of storage due to big cache & the data of the apps. Now you can move your apps from internal storage to sd card easily with the help of the LP app. It will save the internal storage of your device and also improves performance. You can move apps to sd card from the manage app option right below the app section.

Convert App To System App

If you want an app to be permanently installed on your Android smartphone then it is only possible by converting that specific app to system app. It will be moved to root of your device & can’t be uninstalled again from the drawer. You can easily convert apps to system apps using the LP app. This process requires root access otherwise you will not be able to perform this operation.

Install Lucky Patcher On Android

This is an installation guide to download & install the LP app on Android. In the following tutorial, you will learn that how you can download & install the lucky patcher apk on your smartphone. Before you begin the LP installation process make sure you have its desired requirements & permissions !

Requirements :
  • Root (Optional)
  • At least 2GB Ram
  • 10GB Internal Storage
Permissions :
  • Draw Over Apps
  • Internal Storage
  • Manage Contents

You are good to go if your Android meets all the requirements given above. First of all, you have to download the latest version lucky patcher from the download link provided. After downloading the LP app just follow the steps given below to install it :

Make sure that unknown sources on your Android device are allowed otherwise you will not be able to install it. You may know that we have to enable unknown sources to install an apk file other than the google play store. You can turn on unknown sources in security settings of your device :

After you complete the first step then just open the downloaded lucky patcher apk file & tap the install button which appears on the screen. The app apk installation will begin, but you may get the google play protect unsafe application message, but don’t worry its totally safe so tap install anyway button :Lucky Patcher App DownloadLucky Patcher Apk DownloadDownload Lucky Patcher Latest Version

Now you have successfully the lucky patcher app on your Android device. If you still get the app not installed error then you can try installing it again after disabling google play protect. It can happen if play protect is on as it defines it as a virus but trust me it isn’t. Once installed you are ready to use its fantastic features and hola enjoy its benefits !

How To Make Free In-App Purchases In Lucky Patcher ?

Here comes the most important part of this article. Yes making free in-app purchases is now the most popular and used feature of this app. In this guide, you will learn that how to make or hack free in-app purchases in android apps or games with the help of the lucky patcher app. I am taking an example of my talking tom app in the tutorial given below :

First of all, create modded apk file with inapp and lvl emulation of the app or game in which you want to make a free purchase. Once done reinstall the app with the modded apk file you created & you are ready for your free purchase. Open your app or game & navigate to the store items :

Tap your desired item which you want to purchase for free. When you tap the purchase button it will display a purchase popup where you have to press yes like in the screenshot given below :

Hurrah you got the item for free without spending any real money ! You can do that exact same thing in many other apps and games to save your hard earned money. And the amazing thing about it is that it works on non rooted devices but in rooted devices, the main advantage is that you don’t need to rebuild the app & install it again. Also, keep one thing in mind it cannot crack all apps & games which has highly secured & not hackable servers.

Remove Ads On Android

Another amazing feature of the lucky patcher app is that users can remove annoying ads from their apps and games with few clicks only. Ads are okay if limited but when they appear in excess amount users get annoyed too much. Are you also getting annoyed by those ads which appear while usage of your favourite android apps ? If yes you don’t need to worry as you can get rid of them easily with the help of the ultimate lucky patcher app. You just need to follow the simple instructions given below to complete the process :

First of all open LP app & choose the app in which you want to remove ads ! Tap the app and it will display a number of options below from which you have to choose menu of patches :

On the patches screen, you just need to select the remove ads patch but if your device is not rooted then you have to create apk without google ads and uninstall & install it again. You will get various option related to removing ads in which you can choose your desired pacth options. Now just start the patch or rebuild the app if not a rooted device :

Wait until the patching process completes & you will see the patch results but in the non-rooted devices you have to choose to go to file option &uninstalll and install the app again :

Now you have successfully removed ads from your app. It was that easy to do and is 100% working for most of the android apps. I hope now you also can easily remove annoying ads from all your favourite apps or games with the help of the lucky patcher ! Just download it give a try to this osm app ! 

Lucky Patcher (Disclaimer)

This website is not the official site of the lucky patcher app but we share the original application directly from the developer’s site. Many websites share fake or modified LP apks to steal users data. Therefore always download it from a trusted site like ours. One more thing lucky patcher app is not a virus or malware but google play protect claims it to be a harmful app. You can ignore it without any worries as it is 100% safe and secure to use.

Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial to hack & make free in-app purchases on android device apps and games. In the following video, you will learn complete guide to patch the application & to make purchases of store items free of cost :

(Changelog 8.3.2)

  • Speed Optimized
  • New Translations
  • Minor Bugs Fixed
  • New Ads SDK Added
  • Proxy Server Updates
  • New Modded Play Store
  • Custom Patches Updated
  • Updated Host For Updates


So this was an article about the lucky patcher app for Android OS ! Now you will be easily able to download & install it on your smartphone. It is a must have app for android users who try various apps and games as it will help you to unlock the premium requires free of cost. You can now get full control over your installed apps & games whether it is removing ads, changing app permissions and bypassing license verification. You can download the very latest version lucky patcher apk from the download link provided in the top context. It is updated regularly and you can download the new updates also from this page. If you liked this article & the app itself, do share it with your friends. If you still have queries or issues then you can comment using the comment section below freely !

Hello everyone looking for Lucky Patcher Apk Download link? Well if the answer is yes then read on. Advertisements on apps is a pretty common thing that we deal with every day. However, there are apps which are loaded with lots of advertisements, and that is something which ruins our user experience. Hence there are lots of Android users who prefer paying for an app to get rid of those ads. It totally depends on your preference to add or remove features. Taste is subjective when it comes to app customization. Lucky patcher provides you options to test out combinations and decide which preset suits you most.

But what if you do not want to pay anything for those Android Apps? Well, that is where the Lucky patcher apk for android comes to rescues. And in case if you are looking for a download link of Lucky Patcher, then you’ve landed in the right place because here we are going to provide you the Lucky Patcher Apk download link. However before we go ahead and offer you the download link, let us talk about what Lucky patcher apk is and how it can help you out. There are often times when we want to download paid apps free of cost. Or want to get rid of advertisements form a specific app. But doing so in a straight forward way will cost us some bucks. But what if you want to do the same things without spending a single penny, then Lucky Patcher app is the only app which can help you out.

  Download Apk

App NameLucky PatcherVersion8.3.1DeveloperChelpusSupported OnAndroid 2.3+Avg Rating4.8Last Updated19 April 2019

Contents [show]

Lucky Patcher App Latest Version For Android

Lucky patcher is one of the great tools for Android, and there is no doubt in that. It helps us to hack almost all the Android apps and games. Allows us to block ads and modify different app permissions and capable of doing a bunch of other stuff. Do Not Forget Bookmark This Page As We Update It Each Time! A New Version Rolls Out. Also check out, FMWhatsApp & WhatsApp Group Links.

Lucky Patcher App (Features)

Lucky Patcher Apk comes with lots of awesome features like a hack in-app purchase, remove ads from specific applications & much more LP works on non rooted device also but in non root mobile you can only enjoy some limited features to use all features of lucky patcher you have to root your Android device The main difference  for rooted & non-rooted devices is that on a rooted device you can modify your apps without uninstalling but in case of non-rooted smartphones you have to create a modified apk file for any modifications of your apps & uninstall & install that app which is a little bit messy. Here is the list of all the features of lucky patcher app.

Remove Ads From Any App

In these times advertising have turned into the absolute most annoying idea that individuals face when using the a program or playing with a match. Some programs possess a fantastic behavior of adverts that’s fine, but the majority of the programmers junk those days that becomes unmanageable. Therefore, if you’re additionally completely fed upward with those annoying adverts, then that program goes to force you to get joyful. You may readily take away google & the different platform adverts in the programs & matches together with the support of this best LP program.

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