Terrarium TV APK (latest version 1.9.10download is available here. You can download the latest version of Terrarium TV apk for Android smartphones, Tablets, Android tv Box, PC/Laptop, Firestick/fireTV, Google Chromecast and for other devices powered by Android. Do not stream without IPVanish VPN. VPN encrypts your internet connection and provides you extra layer of protection that protects you from copyright holders. Get IPVanish VPN here.

Terrarium TV APK allows you to install terrarium tv on Android smartphone/tablet, pc/laptop and streams HD movies & TV shows on Android-powered devices and that too for free. Using Terrarium TV app, you can also download HD movies & TV shows for watching them offline. Terrarium TV app is one of the best movies streaming app available for Android. The whole user interface and experience is so fluid and elegant and for safe usage of Terrarium TV, always Get a VPN and protect your online identity. Download Here
Now you don’t need to miss the recent episode of your favorite tv shows just because you were busy with your important office work. Just download Terrarium TV apk and have fun whenever and wherever you want.

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NoteTerrarium TV has been discontinued but there are still Terrarium TV Alternatives you can use. Terrarium TV served us well and now its time for something new and better.

If you have any questions about Terrarium TV 9.9.9 or should you download Patched Terrarium TV, see this post explaining Terrarium TV 9.9.9 and If Patched Terrarium TV safe for you or Not? You can also see this to install patched terrarium tv on Firestick. APP NAMETERRARRIUM TVVersion1.9.10App Download Size23.67 MBCompatibilityAndroid 4.1 or aboveFeatureStreams HD Movies & TV ShowsPackage Namecom.nitroxenon.terrariumDeveloperNitroXenon (Peter Chan)




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  • Support for Android TV and TV Box
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick compatible
  • Clean and Intuitive Interface
  • FULL HD (1080p) and HD (720p) sources
  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Multi-Option Sorting
  • Mark the Watched Episode with One Click
  • Player Option
  • New Episode Notification
  • Downloading option to watch Offline

You can install Terrarium TV Apk on any device running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above. The installation guide for installing Terrarium TV app on Android smartphone/tablet, Firestick, FireTV, Windows PC/Laptop is already available on this website. You can check that out.

There are a lot of Terrarium TV users who are asking to fix the Buffering issue in Terrarium TV. You can fix the Terrarium tv buffering on your own. Here is how is the Fix for Buffering issue in Terrarium TV.

Latest version of Terrarium TV apk Version 1.9.10 is available to download. The latest version of Terrarium Tv 1.9.10 brings some of the new source to stream videos. See photo:

Download Latest Version of Terrarium tv that is Terrarium tv apk 1.9.10: Download Terrarium TV APK 1.9.10


Once you downloaded the terrarium tv apk from the above links, you can easily install terrarium tv apk on Android cell phone and tablets.

1. Go to Security in Android Cell Phone/tablet Settings.

2. Scroll Down and turn on the Unknown Sources.

3. Now, install the Terrarium TV Apk. It will take couple of seconds.

4. Once installation gets done, terrarium tv app is ready to use. Enjoy.



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Terrarium tv app is a great app and terrarium tv is compatible with a lot of devices. Terrarium tv apk is available for all the devices which are running on Android OS or which can run Android OS. With that, you can install Terrarium tv on windows PC/laptop. To get terrarium tv apk on PC/Laptop, follow this:

  • To get Terrarium tv apk on windows PC, download Android Emulator on PC.
  • You can use Bluestack Android Emulator which is a great Android Emulator.
  • After Installing Android Emulator, you need a terrarium tv apk.
  • You can download terrarium tv apk from this website, LINK given Above.
  • Once you download the terrarium tv apk, open Android Emulator and click on “Add” button at bottom right corner.
  • Now fetch the terrarium tv apk file and select the apk file to install.
  • Wait for few minutes till terrarium TV installation gets completed.
  • Once terrarium tv app get installed, open the terrarium tv app and start watching your favorite movies and tv shows on PC.

Detailed installation guides to install terrarium TV on other devices are listed below. Follow the terrarium tv apk installation guides and get the terrarium tv app on your device.


Install Terrarium TV App on Android Smartphone / tablet

Install Terrarium TV App on Firestick / FireTV

Download & Install Terrarium TV on Android TV Box

Is Terrarium TV Safe & Legal?

Install Terrarium TV App on PC / Laptop

Cyberflix TV For iPhone / iPad

Terrarium TV App for iPhone / iOS

Terrarium TV For Roku Devices


Now you know how to  download Terrarium TV Apk  on Android, PC / Laptop, Firestick, FireTV. You can enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows right on your Android device. Using Terrarium TV app, you can also download the movies and TV shows for watching them offline. Good thing is, you don’t need Terrarium TV app to play offline videos, you can play it on any player & device. There are Terrarium TV frequent updates coming out and you should always update the app for the better entertainment experience. Also,  use a VPN  to safeguard your online identity.

The latest terrarium tv apk brings out more features and bug fixed. With each latest terrarium tv update, the terrarium tv app is getting better and better. The user experience of Terrarium tv is getting enhanced. Now we have more and better apps features than before. You can easily update the app and if you don’t know how to update terrarium tv app, don’t worry, just visit this Blog Post and we will provide the latest updated version of terrarium tv app APK. We Promise!

Terrarium TV app is indeed the best app to watch HD movies & Tv shows online. If you are new to Terrarium tv app and you have no experience of it, Check out complete review of Terrarium TV. where you will get to know all the features and guides to terrarium tv app.

Terrarium TV on Windows PC / Laptop  can turn out to be the best thing for your entertainment. Everyone wants to watch their favorite movies & TV shows as per their convenience but the clash between the TV show / movie timings with your busy schedule just ruins it. But wait, what if I say you can watch your favorite movie and TV show whenever and wherever you want and that too for free.

Terrarium TV is a perfect solution for you. Using Terrarium TV app, you can watch HD movies right on the PC / Laptop. Not only HD movies but also TV shows. Terrarium TV for Windows 10  streams movies and tv shows from streaming services, using that, you can watch movies and tv shows anywhere, anytime, that too for free. Download here
If you wanted to watch Terrarium TV on even bigger screen like LED TV and you have a Chromecast, you should see  Terrarium TV on Google Chromecast  where you will get to know easiest way to use Terrarium TV on Google Chromecast.


Basically, Terrarium TV app is available for Android only. That is why we need an Android Emulator to use Terrarium TV PC. But very few Android devices have the screen size and quality that a PC or Laptop has. If you have a PC with a 4k Monitor then you will experience something really great through Terrarium TV App. Terrarium TV app has more than 50 4k Movies but makes sure you have a ridiculously high-speed unlimited internet plan. There are always some benefits of using Terrarium TV on PC or Laptop instead of Android smartphone or tablet.

✓ Better Video & Audio Quality

✓ Freedom to add custom Subtitle (With VLC Media Player)

✓ More & better quality content

✓ Easy to Download Videos with Subtitles

✓ Option to download videos in your Local Storage

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Terrarium TV is available for Windows PC & Laptop and watching movies and tv shows on PC/Laptop are very convenient but for that, you have to do some of the steps that will help you in installing Terrarium TV on Windows 10.


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Download IPVanish VPN and Protect Your Online Identity & Data

Note: Terrarium tv is dead now. But there are a lot of terrarium tv alternatives that you can use in place of terrarium tv. The best alternative is showbox and good this is, you can also install showbox on pc. Get showbox pc and start streaming movies and tv shows just like terrarium tv.


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It is very easy to get Terrarium TV app on PC/Laptop. Just follow the easy steps to get terrarium tv on PC & Laptop. You can install Terrarium TV app on any PC/Laptop running on Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10.  Terrarium TV is easy to access on PC/Laptop but you cannot directly install the Terrarium TV app on PC/Laptop as there is no Terrarium TV app/program for Windows & Mac that you can install on your PC.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

1. So, first of all, you need an Android Emulator. You can download Bluestack which is very popular and good Android Emulator. Download Bluestack here. Mac users, download here.

2. After downloading Bluestack Android Emulator, install it on PC/Laptop. After that, open it and for the first time, you have to login with your Google account just like a new Android phone. Once you have done with the initial setup, you are ready to install Terrarium TV app on PC/Laptop.

3. On the Bluestack home screen, there is an option called “Install APK” at the bottom right corner. Just click on that.

4. It will ask to open the apk file. Fetch the Terrarium tv apk file in your PC/Laptop. Download the latest version Terrarium TV apk (Version 1.9.10)

5. After selecting the terrarium tv apk file, you will see the terrarium tv app installing.

6. Once the installation gets done, you will see the terrarium tv app icon on the home screen of Android Emulator. Open the app and watch free HD movies and TV shows right on your PC/Laptop.Terrarium TV App Installed

Keep that in mind that Terrarium TV app you just installed is an Android app, not the Windows .exe program. So, you have to use the Terrarium TV app through Bluestack or through any other Android Emulator like Andy, Droid4X, NOX etc. That means, everytime you wanted to Terrarium TV on PC/Laptop, first you need to open Android Emulator and then open Terrarium TV app in it. That way, you will be able to use Terrarium tv on Windows computer or laptop.

Bluestack is good enough to run Terrarium TV for PC. Moreover, it is available for both Windows and Mac. So with that, you can get the Terrarium TV on iOS & Mac devices as well.

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It was so easy to install Terrarium TV on PC/Laptop. Now, it is time to watch free HD movies & tv shows on PC/Laptop. If you are new to terrarium tv then it is all new for you and you may need help for watching the movies and TV shows on terrarium tv app. Here is how you can watch free HD TV Shows & HD movies using Terrarium TV app on PC/laptop:

1. After installing and opening the Terrarium TV on PC/Laptop, you will see the home screen of the Terrarium TV App. Here you will see all the available TV shows/Movies.

2. To see the available movies/tv shows, there is a separate option at the left. You can choose between movies and TV Shows.

3. Once you found the movie/tv show to watch, click on that.

4. After opening the tv show/movie, you will see the info about the tv show/movie along with a trailer. If you are watching TV Show, you can select the season to be watched.

5. Once you are ready with the content to be watched, select the episode and click on the Play button at bottom right corner. Just click on that.

6. In the next screen, you will see a couple of links. These are the available links which are streaming your content right now. You can select the link according to your need. Select HD or Full HD only if you have fast internet connection.

7. After that, you will get options like Play, Download etc. You can download the videos to watch offline. For watching the movie/tv show, just click on Play. If you wanted to use MX Player on Terrarium tv, first you need to install MX Player on Android Emulator. Click on Play to Watch NOW

8. Once you clicked on the Play button, you will see the tv show/movie playing on your PC/Laptop. If you are facing any buffering issues on Terrarium TV, you can fix it. Here is how to fix Terrarium TV buffering issue.

So, that is how you can watch HD movies and tv shows on PC/Laptop using Terrarium TV app and that too for free.

The video will be streamed in the Terrarium TV app inbuilt player but there is another way to watch free HD movies and TV shows on an external player using Terrarium TV. The all over the experience of watching content on an external player is far better than the Terrarium TV’s inbuilt player as the inbuilt player is in beta version.


Do not stream Copyrighted content for free without Cyberghost VPN. Before streaming copyrighted content for free, connect Cyberghost VPN, encrypt your connection and stream anonymously.

A VPN is always recommended when streaming movies & tv episodes on Cyberflix TV. Consider Using Cyberghost VPN which has 3800+ server all around the globe which are optimized for streaming and torrenting. Using Cyberghost VPN, you will be able to stream movies and tv shows anonymously and your ISP will never be able to track your activity on the internet. Moreover, Cyberghost VPN Never Logs your activity over the internet and offers you complete privacy. Get Cyberghost VPN here

Get Cyberghost VPN NOW


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Terrarium TV app use streaming service to stream TV shows and movies. You can stream the videos using inbuilt terrarium tv app player but you can also stream the movies and TV shows using VLC Media Player. As you are using Terrarium TV App on PC/Laptop, it is advised to use VLC Media Player to stream.

I always preferred to use VLC Media Player instead of using an inbuilt player to stream HD Movies & TV Shows on Terrarium TV. The video and Audio quality of streaming are better in VLC than the Terrarium TV’s built-in player. Moreover, I found the smooth playback of streaming while video being streamed through VLC Media Player.

Another advantage of using  VLC Media Player over Terrarium TV  built-in player is the freedom of adding custom subtitles. If the streaming link doesn’t have subtitles or have non-synced subtitles, you can  add subtitle  file by yourself from  Subtitles  option in the menu bar or VLC Media Player.

Here is  How to Stream Terrarium TV Videos on VLC Media Player?
To watch free HD movies and TV shows using  Terrarium TV app on VLC Media Player , follow till 6th step and on # 7 step, instead of clicking the Play button, just click on the  Copy Stream Link. 

2.  After coping the streaming link, open VLC Media Player. If you don’t have VLC Media Player installed on your PC / laptop, you can download  here . Mac users can download VLC  here .

3.  After downloading VLC Media Player, open it. From the above menu, Go to Media> Open Network Stream. Or you can do that by pressing Ctrl + N key on Windows PC or Mac + n.

4.  Here you need to paste the Stream Link that you have already copied at step 1. After pasting, click on  Play.

You are all set to enjoy HD Movies & TV shows on VLC Media Player.


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So, that’s how you can watch HD movies and TV shows through  terrarium TV for PC / Laptop  using Terrarium TV. Terrarium TV is indeed a great app and using this app, you can enjoy all the great content at the same place, any time, anywhere. Moreover, it is very convenient to use. Terrarium TV app is an Android app which makes it a flexible app and you can easily use it on your PC / Laptop which indeed enhances the all over entertainment experience.

The experience gets even better when the terrarium TV app is installed on Android TV box. You will see a better picture on a bigger screen. See the  installation guide  or installing terrarium TV on Android box.

Hope this Terrarium TV PC installation guide helped you and you be able to watch Terrarium TV on PC / Laptop. If you wanted to watch Terrarium TV on big TV screen using Amazon Firestick, there is a full-fledged installation guide about  Terrarium TV on Firestick / FireTV . After going through this blog post, you will be able to install terrarium TV on firestick in few seconds.

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